M. C. Webb ~ Novelist

One is lost, the other has the strength to save them both. Jett is the the second string quarterback, accustomed to living adrift. Jesse is the lost war widow, unable or unwilling to take a chance. When Jett is blindsided, the two collide in the game of love and loss. The question is; can either learn to win, or risk losing it all once more?

*This is a stand alone novel.

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A dark story of desire. Two souls collide, breaking open a long forgotten past, and a very tortured present. What drives the lovers closer, may be the very thing the tears them apart.

*This is a stand alone novel.

Time is running out for Piper and Ryan. As they struggle with new identities, there are mercenaries at their door. Running for her life, Piper is thrown into past, present and future horrors. The Black Remnants are all that remains for those who survive.

Book two picks up in the thick of the action. Black as Night poses the question: Does the end justify the mean? Piper tries to save everyone, but ends up costing those she loves the most. Ryan is desperate to save his wife, but death and betrayal show him no mercy. "gripping" "exciting" "absolute thrill ride"

A tale of unimaginable horror, Fade to Black follows Piper Mitchell from adolescence to adulthood as she tries to escape the chains of her past, but a chance meeting with actor Ryan Knox will leave both forever altered. "Must read" "Twist and turns from page one"

"Love her, but leave her wild."

~ Atticus